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“I had never worked with a picks service before, and honestly I was a little apprehensive. But my buddy in Vegas told me how awesome was and I sure am glad I listened. Thanks so much.” knows that to some fly-by-night bettors, a handicapping service is only as good as its last pick. But what we also know – and what's much more important in the world of sports betting – is that it's all about long-term profits. And that's something has been celebrated for ever since shattering the industry standard upon our launch – no matter if that's our free sports betting picks or our exclusive handicapping service plays.

Sports betting should be looked at as a long-term investment, at least with those players planning to make a solid profit. This isn't a "get-rich quick" industry but if you have the right information and also know when to grab the best odds, you can turn out winnings like never before. That's the promise, which has padded the pockets of some of the biggest bettors in the world. And now, that same information – proven 58 percent winners on service plays and free sports betting picks – are available to you at a remarkably low cost.

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New Pick - Click Here to View this Bet
2017-09-17NFL 263 Side (Cleveland Browns) Browns +7.5-110 -1.10 LOSS
2017-09-17NFL 287 Side (Green Bay Packers) Packers +3-125 -1.25 LOSS
2017-09-17NFL 272 Total Over Chiefs over 47-120 +0.00 PUSH
2017-09-16NCAAF 122 Side (Alabama-Birmingham Blazers) UAB +3-130 +1.00 WIN
2017-09-16OTHER 000 Moneyline (Canelo Alvarez / Gennady Golovkin) Canelo +140 -1.00 LOSS
2017-09-10NFL 457 Side (Jacksonville Jaguars) Jaguars +4.5-110 +1.00 WIN
2017-09-10NFL 470 Side (Cleveland Browns) Browns +10-125 +1.00 WIN
2017-09-10NFL 473 Side (Seattle Seahawks) Seahawks +3.5-130 -1.30 LOSS