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Tale of Three Unbeatens: Broncos, Saints, Chiefs Remain Perfect After 5 Weeks of NFL Action

Unlike most predictions and expectations, Only three of the NFL five unbeaten teams made it to five wins after five weeks of NFL action. The almighty Patriots fell 13-6 to the Bengals on Sunday, same as the Seattle Seahawks, who suffered their first setback of the season against the Indianapolis Colt...
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Dolphins, Bears & Chiefs Stun Bettors After Three Weeks of NFL Action (Video)

Week 3 of the 2013 NFL Season is in the books, and so far there have been multiple surprises on both ends, including the 0-3 Washington Redskins, Pittsburgh Steelers and New York Giants. But there's also other kind of surprises, and I'm talking about unexpected but Good Surprises (Yes, in Capital l...
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NFL Recap: What We Really Learned From Week 2

Missed the action from Week 2? No reason to panic, here's our Week 2 recap, which covers scores and other highlights of Week 2 in the NFL. There were many unexpected moments on week 2, including Washington and Pittsburg's second reverse of the season, as well as other results that may surprise footba...
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Giants Faking Injuries? Cowboys Owner Says They're a Bunch of Sissies

There’s always room in sports for some theatrics, but according to Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, some players in the NY Giants roster are taking things to the next level.  Days ago, Jones accused the NY Giants of faking injuries as part of a plan to stop Dallas defense. In fact, Yaho...
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NFL Betting: Top 3 Teams with a Bone Breaking Calendar this Season

The 2013 NFL Season is just hours away from its long expected start, and this time I want to cover the three teams with what many experts consider the toughest schedules in the league, take a look to their actual odds to win the coming Super Bowl XLVII and analyze their overall value for this comin...
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NFL Betting: Are Mark Sanchez's days as Starting QB Numbered?

Despite the poor performance and long list of mistakes shown on the preseason, it's possible that QB Mark Sanchez could get the gig as starter, after all, Sanchez is Rex Ryan's guy and he's only missed two starts in four years under Ryan's protection.  After three preseason games and several exp...
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Yes, Jesus Christ, There is a Tim Tebow (Video)

New England's third string quarterback Tim Tebow is in the news once again. The former Denver Broncos and New York Jets quarterback had a tough night on Friday against the Eagles, going 4-for-12 showing for 55 yards. But it wasn't his bad preseason performance what's getting the attention of the medi...
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NFL Betting: Top 5 Value Selections for 2013 NFL Season Over/ Under Win Totals (Video)

With the 2013 NFL regular season literally days away now is the perfect time to start counting down the days and hours to opening night and provide NFL bettors with a quick review and analysis on the best bets, futures odds and candidates for the top awards in professional football. But for now, let&...
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Tom Brady's Pay Cut: New Deal Sets Up Pats Offseason (Video)

In recent NFL news, Tom Brady's three-year contract extension with the almighty New England Patriots has been praised as a team-friendly action, as well as a modest and honest gesture to his squad.As it was announced in the media last week, that two-time Super Bowl MVP and eight-time Pro Bowl selecti...
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NFL Free Agency Party: Who's Up For Grabs? (Video)

While most teams, coaches and scouts had their attention focused on some of the NFL prospects and future football stars currently gathered in Indianapolis for the 2013 NFL Scouting Combine, a considerable list of existing players from positions ranging across the field, including some popular names a...
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Super Bowl XLVII Recap

Betting Edge's Super Bowl XLVII Recap

Super Bowl XLVII Champion, the Baltimore Ravens, did almost the impossible last Sunday Night after beating the betting favorite, the San Francisco 49ers squad in one of the most memorable and exciting football games in NFL history. While most sportsbooks, bettors and NFL fans were anticipating an ...
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JaMarcus Russell

Will JaMarcus Russell Make It Back To NFL? (Video)

Well its Super Bowl week and you may think we'd take some time to talk about San Francisco and Baltimore Quarterbacks, Jose Flacco or Colin Kaepernick. But this time, we want cover a different story and talk about former 2007 No. 1 NFL Draft Pick JaMarcus Russell, who is reportedly attempting to ma...
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Super Bowl XLVII Ravens vs 49ers

Super Bowl XLVII Betting Analysis: Time for Some Winning Predictions (Video)

Super Bowl XLVII is almost upon us, and millions of fans and bettors are counting down each and every day heading towards the biggest game in the NFL Season. But as we wait for the Super Bowl, I want to take some time to talk about the betting value of this game and give you an anticipated game analy...
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NFL Prop Betting

Want Some Killer Prop Bets for This NFL Championship Weekend? Take a Look at These Picks! (Video)

We are ramping up towards the NFL conference title games, and with all the action coming up on Sunday, it is a great time to talk about a very specific subject:  Proposition betting (also known as Prop Bets).  As you know, there are point spreads, over/under and money lines, but you can als...
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NFC 2013 Championship Falcons vs San Francisco 49ers

Betting On The NFL Conference Championships? Here Are Our Insider Picks....(Video)

Will Colin Kaepernick run circles around Atlanta's defense, or will Matt Ryan finally give the Falcons the Conference Championship that's been eluding them so long? Will the Patriots suffer the loss of Rob Gronskowsky, or will the Ravens bring Tom Brady to his knees? The gauntlet has been thrown....a...
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Time to Separate the Wheat from the Chaff: Revised NFL Odds for Super Bowl XLVII (Video)

After an epic round of NFL Divisional playoff games, the conference championships are set and the final four teams in the NFL will battle it out for a place in Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans. With an incredible Conference Championship weekend right around the corner, it’s time to check and ...
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Robert Griffin III Injury

Will Robert Griffin III Start Opening Day 2013? (Video)

While the 8 teams remaining in the post season get ready for the Divisional Round set to take place this weekend, one team and star quarterback that got knocked out in the Wild Card Run are raising more questions than answers as they head off into a very tumultuous off season.  We’re tal...
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Who's the Favorite Team to Win Super Bowl XLVII? Check our NFL Postseason Analysis Here! (Video)

It’s time to take a look at the 2013 Super Bowl odds heading into Wild Card Weekend. After 17 weeks of intense football action, the 2012 NFL season is finally reaching a critical stage. As the National Football League gets closer to this weekend’s Wildcard Playoff Games, the best teams in...
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Odds to Win Superbowl 2013

Can You Accurately Predict Who Win Will Super Bowl XLVII? Prove It (Video)

There are only two weeks left in the NFL 2012 regular season. The race to the playoffs has been decided for most teams and for others, it's still a tooth and claw fight for the wild cards. It's a good time to bet on who wins the SB What should this mean to you, dear bettor? Well, for one thing it'...
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New York Giants Shutout

Embarrassing 34-0 Loss to the Falcons Leaves Giants Playoff Hopes in Suspended Animation (Video)

It wasn’t supposed to be this way. Back in September, the New York Giants entered the season as the defending Super Bowl Champions.Despite the loss to the Dallas Cowboys on Week 1, the Giants remained as clear favorites to win the NFC East and one of favorite teams to win Super Bowl XLVII at 11...
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Monday Night Football In The Raw: New York Jets vs. Tennessee Titans Betting Preview

Do the Jets have the grit to continue onward to the playoffs? Well, tonight on Monday Night football they'll be seeking a third straight victory. For now, New York remains the unlikely contender for a post season spot. After wins against the Arizona Cardinals and the Jacksonville Jaguars they now fac...
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Jay Cutler Injury: What’s Next for the Chicago Bears? (Video)

Throughout the first weeks of the 2012 NFL season, the Chicago Bears looked like a solid contender to make it to Super Bowl XLVII; recently however, the team seems to have hit a speed bump. The Bears faced a similar situation last season when quarterback Jay Cutler went out for the year with a concu...
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White Hot Monday Night Football Betting Preview: Houston Texans vs. New England Patriots

Both teams playing tonight for Monday Night Football have a six game win streak. One team boasts an 11-1 record, the other an equally solid 9-3. Regardless, tonight's game between the Houston Texans and the New England Patriots is bound to be epic. Houston has already clinched a playoff spot and lead...
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6 Red Hot NFL Betting Trends: Denver Broncos vs. Oakland Raiders

The Denver Broncos are on the warpath, now on their way to McAfee Coliseum in Oakland, California to do damage to the Raiders. Denver is now 9-3 under Peyton Manning's offense that is also supported by a strong defense led by Von Miller. They already have the AFC West division title in their pocket, ...
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Betting Insider Monday Night Football Preview: New York Giants vs. Washington Redskins

TV: 8:30 p.m. ET, ESPN. LINE: Giants -2.5, O/U 51.It's a long shot, to say the least. However, the Washington Redskins still have a sliver of a chance to make it to the playoffs. That's if they beat the defending Super Bowl Champion New York Giants in Monday Night Football at FedEx Field in Landover,...
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6 Red Hot NFL Betting Trends and Game Preview: New Orleans Saints vs. Atlanta Falcons

The Atlanta Falcons kick off Week 13 with blood in their eye, facing the only team that has managed to beat them this season: the New Orleans Saints. The Georgia Dome is bound to packed, as Falcons fans expect their team to get revenge from the 31-27 at home loss to the Saints on November 11th. The S...
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NFL Betting Insider Preview: Carolina Panthers vs. Philadelphia Eagles

TV: 8:30 p.m. ET, ESPN. LINE: Panthers -2 O/U: 41 Every team in the NFL works at the beginning of the season for the same thing. To make it all the way to the Super Bowl. However, tonight's Monday Night Football game between the Carolina Panthers vs. the Philadelphia Eagles seems more to be one big...
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Top 10 NFL Thanksgiving Tweets

"As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them."~ John Fitzgerald KennedyIt's only fitting to start off this article with a quote on gratitude; Thanksgiving is after all a day dedicated to this purpose. I thought it would be...
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New England Patriots

NFL Insider Betting Preview: New England Patriots vs. New York Jets

The New England Patriots are after their 10th AFC East title in 12 years when they visit New York to face the Jets in Giants Stadium on Thanksgiving night. New England, having pounded Andrew Luck and the Indianapolis Colts 59-27, now has the challenge of getting their job done without the presence of...
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White Hot Monday Night Football Betting Preview: Chicago Bears vs. San Francisco 49'ers

Monster Park, San Francisco, California Two Super Bowl contenders are up for Monday Night Football as the Chicago Bears visit San Francisco to pit their strengths against the 49ers.Keep in mind, both starting QB's might be out for tonight's game. Both Alex Smith and Jay Cutler were knocked out cold...
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Insider 10 Second Kick Off (And a Free NFL Pick Just For You)

TV: 8:30 p.m. ET, ESPN. LINE: Steelers -11.5, O/U 42It's time for another Monday Night Football brawl as the Pittsburgh Steelers gets ready to host the Kansas City Chiefs at Heinz Field. This brawl however could turn into a bloodbath (in Kansas City Red), if the Steelers keep playing the way they are...
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Looking for NFL Week 10 Predictions Worth Betting On? Get 3 For Free Here!

It’s Friday, and that means it’s time for another three free picks. We don’t hand these out like clockwork, but since last week’s picks were fairly popular, we thought we’d toss out a few more potential winners for this coming weekend. So let's check our Picks and Pred...
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6 Red Hot NFL Betting Trends: Indianapolis Colts vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

Municipal Stadium, Jacksonville, Florida - Thu, Nov 8 / 08:30:00 PM ETThe Colts have had a lot of Luck in taking them to contention of one of two wildcard slots in the AFC South Division. Now, they're going up against the rival Jaguars (1-7) who have lost five straight and is tied with Kansas City fo...
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Week 9 NFL

3 For Free Monster NFL Picks (Video)

Ok, so we're in week 9 of a very  profitable NFL betting season and Inspin's picks have gone a solid 44-23-2 or +16.79 units. 44 - 23 - 2  |  +16.79 units  |  $1679 That means if you would have bet the picks with $100 bets you would be up a respectable $1...
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3 Solid NFL Picks for Week 9 Yours Free (Slide Show)

Can’t figure out where to lay down your money for week 9 of NFL betting? I've got your picks right here—all for free. While our top picks are reserved for Inspin Premium members (who score them every day, no less), I've got three picks that I couldn’t resist sharing with everyone ...
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Miami Dolphins

Do You Want A Free Wickedly Effective NFL Pick? Here's One Just For You.

Miami Dolphins vs. New York Jets I promise I won't take up a lot of your time, I know you're itching to get your hands on the free pick that I'm giving away on this game, but before I do read on for some extra insider information. First, here are some betting trends for you to consider: Dolphin...
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Who Else Wants The Same Insider Information Used To Finish Among The Top 10 Handicappers In The LVH? (Video)

A record shattering 745 people among professional bettors, football experts and NFL fans are once again gathering in Sin City, to test their handicapping skills in this year’s Las Vegas Hotel & Casino Pro-Football Supercontest. The annual Hilton Supercontest is the largest and most impor...
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Candlestick Park

6 Red Hot NFL Betting Trends – Seattle Seahawks vs San Francisco 49ers

There's an NFC West showdown this Thursday night at the Stick in San Francisco, California when the 49ers host the Seahawks. Seattle and San Francisco have a 4-2 record and along with Arizona are part of a three-way tie for first place in the Division.The Seattle Seahawks have no time to rest on thei...
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Looking for Free Football Picks? Get Three Solid Winners Here (Video)

Last week; we handed out three free picks to all members and followers. If you took advantage of them, then you’re probably enjoying your winnings and hoping for more. Our 3 football picks last week had a 100% win rate, and we’re expecting to get similar results this weekend.So let's get ...
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Will Drew Brees Shatter the NFL Passing TD Record? Bet on It! (Video)

New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees is one game away from breaking Johnny Unitas’ NFL record for the most consecutive games with a touchdown pass. And sports bettors who bet at are one bet away from making a killing. The online sportsbook today released a prop bet on whether...
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Tim Tebow

Will Tim Tebow Replace Mark Sanchez as Jets Starting QB? Bet on It! (Video)

Is it Tebow Time again? As sports fans come to terms with Sanchez’s poor performance over the last three weeks, it’s the question nobody can stop asking. Today, they can ask the same question to one online sportsbook and make money in the process. has opened up prop...
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Free NFL Picks

NFL Week 4 - Three For Free Betting Picks Just For You (Video)

Our Inspin Premium members score 3-star picks every week—delivered straight to their phone by email or text. But we like to make winners out of everyone, so today we’re giving our members three solid betting picks for this week in the NFL...for free.
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Insider Betting Analysis and Free NFL Betting Pick: Cleveland Browns vs. Baltimore Ravens

The NFL replacement ref fiasco is finally over and the regular crews will be officiating tonight’s Ravens vs. Browns game. I’m sure that there’s no disagreement in saying that this is good news for everyone, fans, players and teams (except perhaps sportbooks, which have been making ...
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NFL Time Zones

Betting on Time Zones: How to Make More Money Betting on Cross-Country NFL games (Video)

If you’ve ever travelled from one side of the United States to the other, you’re probably familiar with jetlag. You know the feeling. You hop on a plane on one side of the country and when you land, you’re either tired and can’t believe it’s only 8pm, or you’re wid...
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Worst NFL call in history

Breaking News: Online Sportsbook To Give Gamblers A Mulligan After Replacement Refs Call Shocker On Seahawks-Packers (Video)

San Jose, Costa Rica – September 25, 2012 – It’s not just the Green Bay Packers who are still fuming about what’s been dubbed as the worst call in NFL history. Gamblers who dropped money on last night’s shocker are equally angry, but one online sportsbook is doing everyt...
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Calvin Johnson

Three KEY Reasons Calvin Johnson Will NOT Get 2,000 Yards

There has been a lot of talk on whether Calvin Johnson will be able to reach his goal of 2,000 receiving yards this season. As impressed as I was last year with Calvin Johnson performance, 96 rec for 1,681 yards and 16 TDs, this is a new year and things will be a little different. And no, I am not go...
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Clay Matthews

Is The Green Bay Packers' Clay Matthews Man or Machine?

As I sat there and watched Clay Matthews single-handedly dismantle the Chicago Bears last night, I could only ask myself one thing, is Clay Matthews man or machine? To watch an athlete with such strength and such talent, all I could do is sit back and enjoy. Where did this species come from and what ...
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San Francisco 49ers

The San Fransisco 49ers Have The Recipe For A PERFECT Season

As the so-called experts sit and scratch their heads on why the New England Patriots will not be going 19-0 the season, I chuckle at the fact that they had the wrong team. As a matter of fact, the only team that even has the chance to be that team is the team the New England Patriots is scheduled to ...
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NFL Replacement Refs Spark Prop Betting Frenzy at for NFL Week 3 (Video)

San Jose, Costa Rica – September 19, 2012 – As NFL fans cry foul over some of the pro football calls made by this season’s not-so-pro replacement refs, online sports bettors who bet with have good reason to smile from the sidelines. The online sportsbook rel...
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Betting Totals

Betting Over/Under: An Insider’s Guide to Beating the System

It’s way easier for absolutely nothing to happen than it is for something big to happen. That’s true in life. And that’s true in sports, which is why a solid online sports betting strategy involves betting Under more often than Over. It’s not a foolproof strategy by any stretc...
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Georgia Dome

6 Red Hot NFL Betting Trends: Atlanta Falcons vs Denver Broncos

Week 2 of NFL football brought on a firestorm of betting action where the underdogs went 9-6, and now all eyes are on an explosive "Monday Night Football" game between the Denver Broncos and Atlanta Falcons.Both teams won in Week 1 -- the Broncos playing at home stuck it to the Pittsburgh Steelers an...
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M&T Bank Stadium

Monday Night Football Insider Breakdown: Cincinnati Bengals vs. Baltimore Ravens

M&T Bank Stadium, Baltimore, Maryland TV: 7 p.m. ET, ESPN. LINE: Ravens -7. O/U: 41.5The Cincinnati Bengals are facing up to last year’s division winning Baltimore Ravens in their first game of the NFL 2012 season. Having lost both games played to Baltimore in 2011, there’s sure to be...
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5 NFL Betting Tips Every Fan Needs to Follow (Video)

You don’t bet on football at an online sportsbook because you love to have fun. You bet on football because you love to win money. Fun betting involves a friendly handshake with a buddy that results in the winner having to buy a few beers for the loser. Sportsbook betting involves winning enoug...
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A Proven NFL Week 1 Betting Tip: Fading last year’s NFL playoff teams (Video)

Week 1 of the NFL betting season kicks off on Wednesday, September 5th with the Dallas Cowboys facing off against the defending Super Bowl champions, the New York Giants, followed by an intense Sunday schedule and a couple Monday Night Football classics. And NFL punters are already getting their pick...
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NFL Number Eight

Do You Want 8 Little Known NFL Betting Tips That Gambling Pros Use To Win?

So we’re all revved up waiting for Football to start up, and it’s finally here. We’re pretty sure if you’re considering betting on football, that you’re in it to win. That’s why we put together 8 killer tips to help you increase your chances of winning this season....
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2012 NFL Season Countdown: Week 1 Highlights

NFL betting fans, the time is up! Another exciting football season is around the corner, and we’re here to provide readers and insiders with a quick preview and betting analysis for some of the hottest games programmed for Week 1.So without further talk, let’s review the available NFL liv...
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Chad Ochocinco Johnson

Yes, Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson Is A Real Douche Bag (Video)

Yes folks, it’s time for another fresh Douche Bag of the Day nomination; which really wasn’t that hard to find this time around, and we’re sure not many of you would disagree, when we say that six-time Pro Bowl selection and now former Miami Dolphins Wide Receiver Chad “Ochoci...
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Dez Bryant

Hey Dez: Beat The Giants, Not Your Mom (Video)

It’s not just the New Orleans Saints battling with the stigma of knocking people out and tarnishing their own reputation in the process. Dallas Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant found himself in the slammer after allegedly beating up his mom, Angela. The incident, which allegedly saw Dez grab his ...
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Winning More NFL Bets For 2012: A How-To Betting Strategy Guide

NFL football betting is a game of numbers. And here's the most important number you should know before whipping out your wallet to bet on the NFL-52.38%. That's the percentage of NFL bets you need to win to just break even. That's right. Even. We're not even talking about making money, yet. So, you'd...
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Calvin Johnson 2013 Madden Cover

Will Calvin “Megatron” Johnson fall victim to the Madden Curse? Bet On It! (Video)

Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin “Megatron” Johnson has won a nationwide contest to appear on the coveted cover of "Madden NFL 13". While many athletes may see this as a great honor, the game also carries a negative stigma popularly known as the "Madden Curse." The “curse&rdquo...
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Who will be the 1st - 3 picks of the 2012 NFL Draft? Bet On It! (Video)

Only a few weeks after releasing super star QB and four-time MVP, Peyton Manning, the Indianapolis Colts are back in the spotlight. For the Colts, who hold the #1 overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, the debate centers on possible draft scenarios and who the team should pick in the first round of the ...
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Will Bill Parcells become the next head coach of the New Orleans Saints? Bet on it! (video)

Shortly after NFL officials announced their decision to suspend New Orleans Saints’ coach Sean Payton for one year after the infamous bounty scandal that rocked the National football League, former Cowboys coach Bill Parcells has recently emerged as a favorite to coach to lead the New Orleans S...
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Denver Broncos Super Bowl Props

Will Peyton Manning and The Broncos Win the Super Bowl? Bet on it! (Video)

Future hall of famer Peyton Manning has finally made a decision regarding his future and announced he will wear a Denver jersey this coming season. This is a great chance not only for Peyton, but for the Denver Broncos, who went to NFL Playoffs last season with Tim Tebow and now are expanding their...
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Inspin’s NFL Updates: Manning’s 5 year contract with Denver improves Broncos Super Bowl odds‎

Now the Denver Broncos have signed former Indianapolis Colts QB Peyton Manning for a reported five-year, a myriad of questions continue invading NFL and betting fans.  Is Manning fully recovered? Is he in condition to play for five more years? Does Peyton worth the $96 million price tag paid by ...
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Peyton Manning Odds

Breaking Down Manning's Odds: What's next for Peyton Manning?

The soap better known "As the Manning turns" came to an emotional end this morning after the Colts announced they are releasing the only four-time league MVP in NFL history and future hall of famer. For many teams, this announcement means great news, and now Payton Manning is probably the most cove...
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Peyton Manning

NFL Update: Colts release franchise star Peyton Manning. Where Will Manning Play Next Season?‎

Peyton Manning’s departure from Indianapolis has been one of the hottest rumors in the sports industry, but now, the rumor has finally been confirmed. According to ESPN and other media sources, the Four-time NFL MVP and Colts owner Jim Irsay are scheduled to appear at a noon ET today to make th...
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The Betting edge

Video: Betting Edge's Special Super Bowl XLVI Show and Free 3 Star Premium Pick

The time has come and the biggest game of the NFL Season is finally here. We've waited all year for this moment, and now that Super Bowl Sunday is only a few hours away, is time to check the available NFL odds and lines for this exciting Super Bowl XLII rematch. Betting expert Dan 'The Man'Leach gi...
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Peyton Manning

Will Peyton Manning be the Colt's Quarterback in 2012? Bet on It!

Super Bowl XLVI is a week away but the big talk out of Indianapolis surrounds Peyton Manning and where he will be next season. Known for offering some of the best sports odds and diverse entertainment prop bets found online, WagerWeb has created odds on whether Peyton will remain with the Colts, play...
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Peyton Manning

(Video) Where Will Peyton Manning Play Next Season?

Peyton Manning's future with the Indianapolis Colts has dominated the sports and NFL headlines in recent weeks.  Earlier this month, a couple of rumors emerged regarding his future with Indianapolis. First, actor and Hollywood celebrity Rob Lowe, a big Colts’ fan and friend of Peyton Manni...
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Super Bowl XLVI

Super Bowl 2011: NY Giants Exclusive Future Odds Analysis

This week, the Betting Edge contacted Dave Johnson, head oddsmaker at, to discuss and analyze Future odds exposure on the coming Super Bowl XLVI. These NFL odds were released after the Super Bowl, and the lines were left open during the offseason and then re-adjusted during the regular s...
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Football Money

How To Turn $1,340 into $80,400

This is the story of 7 guys who bet the Giants at 60 to 1 February 7th 2011, Super Bowl XLV is in the books; the Green Bay Packers have become the second NFC wild card team ever to win the big game. The Pittsburgh Steelers are going back home with a 31-25 defeat primarily at the hands of Super Bowl ...
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Super Bowl XLVI

Video: Exclusive Betting Odds Analysis on the Superbowl XLVI

After a grueling season full of guts, glory and insane football action, the New England Patriots and the New York Giants have sealed their tickets to the biggest sporting event in the country: Superbowl XLVI. The lines have been drawn and sportsbooks everywhere have released their NFL odds for this e...
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Super Bowl XLVI

NFL News: Super Bowl XLVI is set

The New England Patriots, the latest champ in the AFC, and the NFC champions, the NY Giants, sealed their ticket to the biggest game of the NFL season after scoring tight victories in two dramatic games decided by free kicks.  For most of the game, teams were focused on playing their defensive s...
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Baltimore Ravens vs. New England Patriots

AFC Championship Game Matchup: Baltimore Ravens vs. New England Patriots

Date Time: Sunday, January 22nd, 3:00 p.m, Gillette Stadium, Foxboro, Massachusetts.Baltimore Ravens (12-4) vs. New England Patriots (13-3)After an ugly win over the Texans last week, Joe Flacco and the second seeded Baltimore Ravens will meet Tom Brady and the New England Patriots in Sunday’s ...
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Peyton Manning

Betting Edge's WTF Moment: Actor Rob Lowe announces Peyton Manning retirement (Video)

Actor Rob Lowe, current star of NBC’s “Parks and Recreation”, lit up the social media and created general “confusion” last Wednesday after posting a Tweeter message claiming that he had insider information confirming Peyton Manning’s retirement.The announcement was...
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Super Bowl XLVI

Who Will Win Super Bowl XLVI in Indianapolis? Bet on It!

By Dave Johnson – Betting Expert and Professional Oddsmaker The divisional playoffs are in the books and now it’s time to get ready for the conference showdowns. Known for providing solid sports betting advice and insider analysis on the best odds and entertainment bets found online, insp...
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NY Giants vs. San Francisco 49ers

NFL 2012 NFC Championship: NY Giants vs. San Francisco 49ers

NY Giants (9-7) at San Francisco 49ers (13-3)Date/Time: NFL Football: Sunday, January 22, 2012 at 6:30 pm - Candlestick Park, San Francisco, CA Game Overview: With the 2012 NFL Playoffs schedule finally down to the last four teams, Eli Manning and the New York Giants will head to San Francisco this...
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NFL Football Betting

NFL Divisional Playoffs: New York Giants (9-7) vs. Green Bay Packers (15-1)

After an unquestionable 24-2 victory over the Atlanta Falcons in the NFL Wildcard weekend, the New York Giants will try to continue its run for the national title this weekend when they visit the Lambeau Field to face the defending Super Bowl championship Green Bay Packers. In recent years, the Gian...
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NFL Playoff Preview – Two AFC Division Titans Meet: Broncos vs. Patriots

This Saturday night, January 14th at 8:00PM EST, the Denver Broncos will be visiting the northeast at the Gillette Stadium for a head to head matchup against AFC rival New England Patriots. Just as Tim Tebow and Demaryius Thomas connected on the game-winning touchdown against the Pittsburgh Steelers,...
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NFL divisional round playoff schedule and game odds

The NFL wildcard weekend is the books with no surprises whatsoever (All four home teams won and covered their respective spreads, including the Denver Broncos, the only home team listed as underdog). Now the schedule has been set, and the NFL divisional round playoff is officially underway, let&rsquo...
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NFL Wildcard Weekend: Preview Steelers at Broncos

The Pittsburgh Steelers will enter the playoffs this Sunday night with running back Rashard Mendenhall out for the season due a knee injury and two-time Super Bowl-winning quarterback Ben Roethlisberger on the mend from an ankle sprain. Roethlisberger, who has struggled since suffering the initial in...
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New Orleans Saints vs. Detroit Lions – NFC Wildcard Game; Mercedes Benz Superdome in New Orleans

When it comes to playing football, you’re always going to have a handful of explosive players that are bedazzling to watch. When it comes to winning games, it always comes down to a team effort. Even the Saint’s star quarterback, Drew Brees, upon reflecting on breaking the all time passin...
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NFL Wildcard Weekend: Falcons vs. Giants

Atlanta Falcons (10-6) vs New York Giants (9-7) Date/Time: Sunday, Jan 8th, 2011 1:00 PM EST  The Giants will receive the Atlanta Falcons this coming Sunday at MetLife Stadium in a NFC Wild-Card game. The match is one of four wild-card games programmed for this weekend as the 12 remaining team...
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NFL Playoffs – Can the Bengals end 21 years of playoffs misery?

It has been 21 years since the Bengals (9-7) won an NFL playoff game. Their last victory goes back to the 1990 season when they beat the Houston Oilers. Unfortunately for Cincinnati, they went on to lose against the L.A. Raiders and since then they have been in a playoffs game twice in 2005 and 2009 ...
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NFL Playoffs: 2012 Wildcard Weekend

With the 2012 NFL playoff field and schedule officially set, football and betting fans can start looking forward to the postseason and get ready for the coming Wildcard weekend with the latest NFL odds, schedules and trends courtesy of The National Football League Wildcard bonanza is set ...
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NFL Week 17 Betting Against The Spread Challenge

The first NFL Betting Against the Spread Challenge, that paired up Dan “The Man” Leach against the "Football Guru," issued last week ending with a positive 3-2 result that favored Betting Edge's expert Dan Leach. But while the last two weeks of the National Football League have been kind ...
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Week 16 NFL Monday Night Football Preview

Atlanta Falcons (9-5, 4-3 away) vs. New Orleans Saints (11-3, 6-0 home) By Dave Johnson, Betting Expert and Professional OddsmakerTonight’s NFC South game sees the New Orleans Saints host the Atlanta Falcons at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana. The game kicks off at 7:30 p....
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NFL Week 16 – 3 FREE Picks

By Dan “The Man” Leach The NFL Week 15 is history and so are the Eagles’ chances of making the playoffs.  The action is explosive and the nerve-shattering intensity is so thick you could curt it with a knife. Take a look at some of last week’s highlights:•  ...
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NFL Inside the Lines - Thursday Night Football Betting Preview

By Dave Johnson - Betting Expert and Professional Oddsmaker Houston Texans (10-4, 5-2 away) vs. Indianapolis Colts (1-13, 1-6 home) Head coach Gary Kubiak and the playoff-bound Houston Texans head to Lucas Oil Stadium to face the no-longer winless Indianapolis Colts on Thursday Night Football.The Tex...
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NFL Monday Night Football Preview

By Dave Johnson, Betting Expert and Professional Oddsmaker Pittsburgh Steelers (10-3, 4-2 away) vs. San Francisco 49ers (10-3, 6-1 away)The Pittsburgh Steelers and an injured Ben Roethlisberger will head west tonight to face the 49ers and Alex Smith at Bill Walsh Field in San Francisco. A win in thei...
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NFL Week 15 – 3 FREE Picks

Week 14 is history and so are the Eagles’ chances of making the playoffs. The intensity of the games is reaching a fever pitch. Insiders, this is where the rubber meets the road and this week’s picks are laser focused.  Take a look at some of last week’s highlights:• ...
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NFL Betting Odds: Steelers vs. 49ers on NFL Week 15 Monday Night Football

By John Moore / Inspin Contributor The Pittsburgh Steelers will travel to Candlestick Park to take on the San Francisco 49ers this Monday night, December 19th at 8:30PM to close week 15 of the NFL betting season. After winning the division two weeks ago, the 49ers lost to the Cardinals (21-19) last...
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Patriots vs. Broncos: Can New England Take Down Denver’s Tebow Attack?

by Mario Miller - Inspin Insider Extraordinaire The Game: New England Patriots (10-3) vs. Denver Broncos (8-5), 2:15 p.m. MT New England plays against Denver on Sunday at Sports Authority Field at Mile High and everyone and his uncle are itching to find out if the Pats have got the stuff to make i...
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NFL Week 15: Cowboys vs. Buccaneers

Date & Time: Saturday December 17 2011 9:20 PM ET Game Odds: Cowboys -7, +100, O/U 46.5, -110 Inspin's NFLSimulator: Cowboys 72.22% This coming Saturday, Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys (7-6, 2nd in the NFC East) will do the impossible to bolster their record with a victory against the Tampa Ba...
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Will the 2011 Green Bay Packers have a Perfect Season?

by Dave Zamzack - Inspin Contributor After a stunning 46-16 victory last weekend vs. the Oakland Raiders, Coach Mike McCarthy and the Green Bay Packers continue their quest for the national title as they move closer to finish the season with a perfect record. Sunday’s victory over the Oaklan...
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Ouch! Lost 2 But Made It Back In My Final Pick

By Mario Miller – Inspin Insider Extraordinaire There are weeks where it seems you just can't get a lucky break, it's a hard pill to swallow when you're watching the games and your picks are going down the drain as the play clock winds down. Yes, last week's 3 for FREE picks went a sad 1 for ...
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NFL Monday Night Football Preview and Betting Odds Analysis

By: Dave Johnson, OddsmakerSt. Louis Rams (2-10, 1-5 away) vs. Seattle Seahawks (5-7, 3-3 home)The Seahawks host the ill-fated Rams in a matchup that historically has been dominated by Seattle. Lead by running back Marshawn Lynch, the Seahawks (5-7) are still technically in the race to r...
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NFL Week 14 – 3 FREE Picks

The NFL Week 14 is in the books and we’re one step closer to the playoffs.  Players are scrambling like crazed bulldogs at feeding time and we all want to see who’s who in the post season. Let’s take a look at some of last week’s highlights:•    The E...
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NFL Top 5 Best Betting Trends – Week 14

By: Dave JohnsonDave Johnson, head odds maker at breaks down the best betting trends for NFL football week 14. The numbers were crunched and the scenarios were selected in order to find the trends to bump your betting profits into a higher income bracket. Click through the following tren...
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NFL Week 14 Injury report

By Dave Zamzack, collaborator. Chicago Bears coach Lovie Smith said he expects running back Matt Forte to return this season from a knee injury that forced him to retire in the first quarter during Sunday’s 10-3 loss to Kansas City. Forte suffered from a sprained medial collateral ...
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MNF Recap and early lines for Week 14

After last night’s Monday Night NFL is over and the Chargers thrashing of the Jaguars is done, the top seven teams remain unchanged at the end of week 13, since they all won their respective games. With a six game losing streak behind them the Chargers where able to keep their postsea...
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NFL Monday Night Football Preview and Betting Odds Analysis

  By: Dave Johnson, Oddsmaker San Diego Chargers (4-7, 1-4 away) vs. Jacksonville Jaguars (3-8, 2-3 home) Philip Rivers and the disappointing San Diego Chargers head to Jacksonville tonight to take on the Jaguars at EverBank Field in Florida. The Chargers have lost six straight ...
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NFL Week 13 – 3 FREE Picks

NFL Week 12 is history and so are the Eagles’ chances of making the playoffs. Teams are battling it out and there is money and pride on the line to win every game. Take a look at some of last week’s highlights:• Green Bay gets to 11-0 after they stuffed the Lions on Thanksgiving Day....
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The UFB Power Rankings - Week 13

First, I'd like to welcome to all our new followers and thank everybody for reading and following us. Without any further a due, we bring you our latest power rankings. Now, this is a gvreat chance to check if your team made our list. ( ) left of rankings indicates previous week’s rankings ...
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Saints vs. Lions Insider Perspectives: an Exclusive Interview with Dan “The Man” Leach

By, Mario Miller The week is almost over and I’m busy gathering insights for you on what the best bets are for upcoming games. I have to admit that sometimes I get stumped, so this time I went to none other than Dan “The Man” Leach to pick his brain for insider information...
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Thursday Night Football - Seahawks vs. Eagles game preview

By John Moore /  With an identical record against each other (4-7) the Seattle Seahawks will be taking on the Philadelphia Eagles on Thursday night football, both teams fighting it out to remain relevant in their respective divisions. The Seahawks will host the  Eagles at...
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On Del Rio’s Firing: What is the Blogosphere Saying?

By, Mario Miller – Inspin Insider Extraordinaire, November 29, 2011 Jack Del Rio has been canned by the Jacksonville Jaguars after going 3-8 this season. This doesn’t come as too much of a surprise, being that his job was dependent on getting the team to the playoffs. What is t...
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San Francisco 49ers: 33 Game Streak and Counting

There has been a lot of talk about the San Francisco 49ers (9 - 2), including how things have turned around, Jim Harbaugh’s general performance, Alex Smith and his 180 degree about face, and the team’s defense. The 49er’s defense is ranked number one in rushing, a number one sta...
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What’s In Store For The Injury Laden Texans?

By Mario Miller – Inpin Insider Extraordinaire, November 28th, 2011A few weeks ago, Inpin’s very own Dan “The Man” Leach wrote about the Houston Texans’ odds to win the Superbowl; with the loss of quarterback Matt Schaub to a foot injury, it was hard to know how Matt L...
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NFL Monday Night Football Preview: Giants at Saints

By: Dan ‘The Man’ Leach, Inspin Insider and Sports betting Expert, November 28th, 2011 New York Giants (6-4, 3-2 away) vs. New Orleans Saints (7-3, 4-0 home) Eli Manning and the New York Giants head to the Superdome for a MNF showdown with the New Orleans Saints. New York is lookin...
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NFL Week 12: Chicago vs. Oakland

By Johannes Vermeer, Inspin’s Collaborator, November 25th, 2011 The Chicago Bears will take the road this Sunday to face the Oakland Raiders (6-4) in Week 12, and even when this is far from being one of the hottest games of the weekend, it might give bettors the chance to make some extra cash o...
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Will The Broncos’ Waiver Of Kyle Orton Come Back To Bite Them In The Ass?

By, Mario Miller – Inspin Insider Extraordinaire, 11/24/2011So, Broncos quarterback Kyle Orton is going to the Kansas City Chiefs. He was released by Denver on Tuesday after being benched for six weeks and becoming inessential when the team chose to go with Tim Tebow as their starter.What this ...
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NFL Vikings Vs. Falcons Odds And Trends on Week 12

By John Moore - Vikings right tackle Phil Loadholt will be facing defensive end and old team mate Ray Edwards on Sunday at the Georgia Dome. Loadholt has practice experience against Edwards, who signed a five-year, $30 million contract with Atlanta this offseason after five years as Minnes...
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NFL Injury Report: Texans quarterback Matt Schaub out for season

By Dave Zamzack, Collaborator, November 24th, 2011Houston Texans quarterback Matt Schaub was moved to injury reserve yesterday after specialist determined he’ll need season-ending surgery to repair a broken right foot.  Schaub suffered a Lisfranc injury in November 13th duri...
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San Francisco vs. Baltimore: A Thanksgiving Brawl To Watch

By, Mario Miller – Inspin Insider Extraordinaire 50 years ago, Jack Harbaugh and his wife, Jackie, tied the knot. Since then, the Harbaughs have had a long and industrious career in football. One that follows to this day, with brothers John and Jim, head coaches of the Baltimore Ravens and the ...
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QB Kyle Orton - NFL Teams to Sign for

By John Moore – After reading the news on Kyle Orton being cut loose from the Broncos on Tuesday night, I started to ponder what could be his next move and which NFL team could or would find his contribution as a positive upgrade for their QB needs. This prompted me to do some re...
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Dolphins at Cowboys: Will White Hot Miami Take It or Will Dallas Stay On Top?

By, Mario Miller – Inspin News Staff, November 22nd, 2011 Going into Thanksgiving, there is no shortage of games that promise to cook up a storm of emotions. I have my eye on the Dolphins game against the Cowboys at Dallas. I also favor Miami as a good bet and I'll tell you why in a second. Fir...
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The Baltimore Ravens didn't need Ray Lewis, they had the Officials

Well, Sunday the Ravens proved they didn't need Ray Lewis to win the game.  They didn't need Ray Lewis to make a defensive stop.  When the Cincinnati Bengals (6-3) came into Baltimore to play the Ravens (6-3), both teams needed to win this game to keep their playoff hopes alive.  W...
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Jay Cutler: Broken Thumb, Broken Dreams for the Chicago Bears?

By Mario Miller – Inspin News Staff, November 21, 2011 "I'm not going to play doctor right now," Bears coach Lovie Smith said when asked how long Cutler will be sidelined. "We're going through the process. We will be able to tell you a little bit more. That's all we can tell you ...
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Monday Night Football Game Info: Can Tyler Palko stop the New England Patriots?

By Inspin Sports, November 21st, 2011 At first glance, the Monday Night Football showdown between the Kansas City Chiefs and New England Patriots is definitely a no brainer. The former UFL and CFL player, Tyler Palko, will make his official NFL start game this Monday Night when the Chiefs visit Gille...
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Ray Lewis: Is He Sitting Out Sunday?

By: Mario Miller – Inspin News Staff Ray Lewis, the Ravens’ All-Pro linebacker, hasn’t missed a game since 2007 but it looks like his streak is about to end on Sunday when they play against the Bengals. Lewis has missed the past two days of practice with a toe injury that mig...
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NFL Week 11 – 3 for FREE

By Dan The Man, November 18th, 2011. Week 10 in the NFL is in the record books and we are a few steps closer to the postseason. Here are a few of the highlights from last week:  Buffalo continued their second-half collapse with a 44-7 blowout to the Cowboys. Tim Tebow and the Broncos squea...
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NFL Thursday Night Football Preview

New York Jets (5-4, 1-3 away) vs.Denver Broncos (4-5, 1-3 home) Rex Ryan and the New York Jets will head to Mile-High to face Tim Tebow and the resurgent Broncos tonight on Thursday Night Football. New York is coming off a devastating loss last week to the New England Patriots. Quarterback To...
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NFL Tweets of the Week

Sponsored by is home to the largest and most exclusive athlete twitter feed on the net. We follow over 2000+ professional players and display their tweets in real-time. As an Insider you can customize your own private feed and follow your favorite NFL, NBA, MLB or NHL pla...
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Inside the Lines: Houston Texans Odds to win the Superbowl

The Houston Texans has been one the biggest surprises in the NFL this season. In the off-season the hired former Cowboys head coach, Wade Philips, and the results on the defensive side of the ball have made all the difference. They are ranked # 1 in the NFL in yards allowed per game at 269.7. They ...
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NFL Network's Irvin believes in Ravens, for now

Posted by Edward Lee, Baltimore Sun, November 15th, 2011 The Ravens’ demoralizing 22-17 loss to the Seattle Seahawks Sunday was a step back for a team poised to take charge of the AFC North and the overall conference. But why the Ravens performed so dismally is a subject that befuddles many of ...
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NFL notebook: Bengals lose Hall for season

The Columbus Dispatch, Tuesday November 15, 2011 4:41 AM Cornerback Leon Hall is out for the season because of a torn Achilles tendon, leaving the Cincinnati Bengals' secondary in flux heading into a pivotal game. Hall suffered the injury during a 24-17 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday. Test...
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Aaron Rodgers, unbeaten Packers run over Vikings in laugher

Associated Press GREEN BAY, Wis. -- Aaron Rodgers was just fine sharing the spotlight with the Green Bay Packers' defense. Thrilled, actually. If the Packers now can field a dependable defense along with their trademark high-octane offense, they just might be unstoppable. The Packers (9-0) remain the...
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NFL Week 10 - Matt Schaub could miss rest of year

Associated Press/the boston globe Texans quarterback Matt Schaub is out indefinitely with a "significant'' right foot injury and will miss at least Houston's next game in two weeks. Multiple news outlets reported yesterday that Schaub has an injury to the Lisfranc joint in his foot, an injury th...
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Saints Stop Falcons to Retain Division Lead: Fan’s Take

By Mike Patton, Yahoo! Contributor Network. November 14, 2011 The New Orleans Saints grabbed a firm hold on first place in the NFC South by beating the Atlanta Falcons 26-23 on the road on Sunday, November 13. The Saints' defense gave up several big plays, but stepped up when it mattered most, stoppi...
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Chemistry experiment blows up in the face of Reid, Eagles

By Pat Kirwan/ The Eagles have (crash) landed! No team stood on the doorstep of the 2011 season with more hype and expectations than the Philadelphia Eagles. They hit rock bottom this weekend when they suspended wide receiver DeSean Jackson for rules infractions and then went out and lost t...
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Aaron Rodgers heads into Vikings game on a roll

By Mark Craig, Star Tribune. — Helplessness is a feeling spreading throughout defensive backfields that stand between Aaron Rodgers and his seemingly effortless pursuits of a second consecutive Super Bowl title and the greatest season by a quarterback in NFL history. "There are a number o...
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Week 10 NFL roundup: Steelers grab division lead

Associated Press/The Boston Times A rookie quarterback, a game on the line. No better time for the Steelers' defense to get back to what it does best. Grab the ball. Rashard Mendenhall ran for a pair of touchdowns yesterday, and Pittsburgh (7-3) intercepted Andy Dalton twice in the fourth quarter, ho...
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Penn State scandal leaves NFL alumni in emotional disarray

By Doug Farrar, Yahoo News. As the details of the Penn State scandal have been made public, the outrage over the actions of former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky has been universal. The feelings toward now ex-head coach Joe Paterno, who was fired by the school's administration in what will c...
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NFL Week 10 Game Preview - Saints at Falcons

By Associated Press / Washington post STREAKS, STATS AND NOTES — Teams split season series last year with each team winning on road. Each game decided by three points, including Atlanta's 27-24 win in OT. ... Saints 8-2 against Falcons with Sean Payton as coach. ... Saints QB Drew Brees first p...
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NFL Week 10 - Raiders ride Palmer, Bush to win over Chargers

Associated Press / SAN DIEGO - Carson Palmer is catching on with Oakland just as the Raiders are regaining their swagger. Palmer threw two touchdown passes and Michael Bush ran 30 times for a season-high 157 yards and one touchdown to lead Oakland to a 24-17 win over San Diego on Thursday...
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NFL Players Association

NFL players' union offers its proposal for HGH testing

By Mark Maske,  November 11th, The NFL Players Association made a proposal to the league Thursday regarding the terms of the sport's planned blood-testing program for human growth hormone. Under the union's proposal, a population study of NFL players would be conducted befor...
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For Tom Coughlin's NY Giants, NFL schedule only gets tougher in second half of season

BY Ralph Vacchiano / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS In the locker room on Sunday, right after the Giants knocked off the Patriots and not long after Brandon Jacobs finally put him back on the ground, Tom Coughlin composed himself and focused his attention on his team's upcoming trip to San Francisco. A...
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NFL Week 10 News - Chargers, Raiders open Thursday night slate with key clash Sports Network Neither the Oakland Raiders nor the San Diego Chargers will to-head in a divisional showdown with potentially monumental implications Thursday at Qualcomm Stadium. Both teams enter this first Thursday night matchup of this season's second half in remarkably similar situa...
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Aaron Rodgers Makes the Packers the NFL's Best Team

Wednesday, Nov 9, 2011. NBC Chicago. Power rankings. You hate them. They’re so arbitrary and pointless, especially when they include all 32 NFL teams. All you want to know after a good week of NFL action is who the best team in the NFL right now, and which one is the absolute barrel-scraping wo...
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NFL: 49ers have firm grip on NFC West

Written by Janie McCauley, Associated Press. November 9th, 2011 SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- All along, the San Francisco 49ers have made it clear they intend to reach the playoffs without depending on anybody else to help them get there -- without watching games late in the season with their fate in limb...
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Top Ten Mid-season Stories in the NFL: Fan Reaction

By Edwin Torres, November 9th, Yahoo! Sports. We are halfway through the 2011 National Football League (NFL) season. There have been some very interesting stories so far. Here are my top ten mid-season stories in the NFL. 10. Sack Record Chase In the 2001 NFL season, New York Giants defensive end Mi...
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Fan Take: 2011 Week 10 NFL Power Rankings

By Zac Wassink/ Yahoo contributor network It doesn't matter which week it is. NFL power rankings remain "the Green Bay Packers, and then everybody else." Some are arguing that there is a new second-best team in the NFC after this past Sunday, but I believe such comments are a bit premature....
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Matt Forte, Bears fight past mistakes to cool off Eagles

By: Rob Maaddi - Associated Press PHILADELPHIA -- Matt Forte was standing on the sideline after losing two fumbles and Chicago faced a fourth-quarter deficit. No problem for Jay Cutler and these resilient Bears. Cutler threw a go-ahead 5-yard TD pass to Earl Bennett, Forte ran for 133 yards and the ...
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Here's a definitive statement about the NFL - There no longer are statement wins.

Associated Press--Just look what happened to the Steelers after their big victory over the Patriots, or the Chiefs after their fortunate win against the Chargers. Or even the Raiders, who banded together to win one for late owner Al Davis and have struggled since. Never has the cliché about ...
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Still tied atop AFC West, Chiefs hope to quickly put disaster against Dolphins behind them

By Associated Press. Published: November 8th. KANSAS CITY, Mo. - In a somber Chiefs locker room, not long after a disheartening loss to a previously winless team, linebacker Derrick Johnson uttered the words everyone must have been thinking. "It kind of looked like the beginning of the season...
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Offensive efficiency linked to third-down success

By Edward Lee, Baltimore Sun, November 8, 2011 The Ravens offense enjoyed a rare display of success in Sunday night's 23-20 victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers as Joe Flacco became the first Ravens quarterback to throw for 300 yards in the all-time series and eight different players caught at least...
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Chargers must move on quickly after loss

By Associated Press. Tuesday, November 8, 2011 SAN DIEGO — The San Diego Chargers have to move on quickly from their latest loss because the archrival Oakland Raiders are coming to town Thursday night. It'll be quite the showdown, with the Chargers having lost three straight games and the ...
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NFL roundup: Dolphins get first win; Ravens top Steelers

The Associated Press. Posted: Monday, November 7, 2011 12:01 am KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The Miami Dolphins are no longer winless. Matt Moore threw for 244 yards and three touchdowns, Reggie Bush had 92 yards rushing and another score and the Dolphins walloped the Kansas City Chiefs 31-3 on Sunday. ...
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Will the Indianapolis Colts lose every game this season? Bet on It!

San Jose, Costa Rica, November 7, 2011 - The Indianapolis Colts are working hard to become the first team since the 2008 Detroit Lions to have an imperfect season. They are 0-9 to start the year, and have some tough games remaining including the Patriots in week 13 and the Ravens in week 14. Known f...
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NFl betting week 9 - Giants beat Patriots 24-20 on last-minute comeback

By HOWARD ULMAN, AP Sports Writer FOXBOROUGH, Mass. — The New York Giants rallied past the New England Patriots like they did in their Super Bowl-winning drive in 2008.They know they're a long way from getting back there, though. With Eli Manning leading a last-minute comeback reminiscent of ...
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NFL Week 9 Review Packers still perfect

by DAN CAESAR, Posted: Monday, November 7, 2011 12:20 am The Green Bay Packers are halfway to an undefeated regular season after passing a tough test Sunday, outlasting the Chargers in San Diego 45-38 in what some thought would be a trap spot — trip to the West Coast to face a formidable foe ...
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2011 NFL Monday Night Football: Bears vs. Eagles odds and picks

Joseph Karbousky, Warren Gambling Examiner. November 7, 2011 The 2011 NFL Schedule for week 9 is coming to a close, but before it's complete we have one game left, and this one should be great!The resurgent Philadelphia Eagles will take on the Chicago Bears in the city of brotherly love tonight at 8:...