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9:05 PM
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507 GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS1 -10576-10166.7o218.5 -11071.4
508 HOUSTON ROCKETS-1 -11524-11933.3u218.5 -11028.6
May 25th
8:05 PM
709 BOSTON CELTICS7 -110+263o201.5 -110
710 CLEVELAND CAVALIERS-7 -110-325u201.5 -110
May 26th
9:05 PM
509 HOUSTON ROCKETS7 -110+263o201.5 -110
510 GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS-7 -110-325u201.5 -110
May 27th
8:05 PM
711 CLEVELAND CAVALIERS7 -110+263o201.5 -110
712 BOSTON CELTICS-7 -110-325u201.5 -110
May 28th
9:05 PM
511 GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS7 -110+263o201.5 -110
512 HOUSTON ROCKETS-7 -110-325u201.5 -110