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Sport Record Profit
NFL Picks 64-45-6 +$1,300
NBA Picks 174-143-6 +$1,640
NHL Picks 9-11-0 -$100
MLB Picks 187-138-24 +$4,135
NCAAF Picks 41-44-0 -$800
NCAAB Picks 9-9-0 -$90
2012 Total Win/Loss +$6,085
* profit stats based on $100 bets


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Tale of Three Unbeatens: Broncos, Saints, Chiefs Remain Perfect After 5 Weeks of NFL Action
Unlike most predictions and expectations, Only three of the NFL five unbeaten teams made it to five wins after five weeks of NFL action. The almighty Patriots fell 13-6 to the Bengals on Sunday, same as the Seattle Seahawks, who suffered their first setback of the season against the Indianapolis Colts. Now, while most NFL fans and bettors are not surprised to see the New Orleans Saints and Denver...
Dolphins, Bears & Chiefs Stun Bettors After Three Weeks of NFL Action (Video)
Week 3 of the 2013 NFL Season is in the books, and so far there have been multiple surprises on both ends, including the 0-3 Washington Redskins, Pittsburgh Steelers and New York Giants. But there's also other kind of surprises, and I'm talking about unexpected but Good Surprises (Yes, in Capital letters). So let's talk about three squads that have many football and sportsbetting fans reconsider...
NFL Recap: What We Really Learned From Week 2
Missed the action from Week 2? No reason to panic, here's our Week 2 recap, which covers scores and other highlights of Week 2 in the NFL. There were many unexpected moments on week 2, including Washington and Pittsburg's second reverse of the season, as well as other results that may surprise footballl fans and bettors. So here we go!!! Let's get ready for Week 3!!!  
Giants Faking Injuries? Cowboys Owner Says They're a Bunch of Sissies
There's always room in sports for some theatrics, but according to Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, some players in the NY Giants roster are taking things to the next level.  Days ago, Jones accused the NY Giants of faking injuries as part of a plan to stop Dallas defense. In fact, Yahoo! Sports reports that Jones was upset about one play in particular, involving defensive lineman Cullen J...
NFL Betting: Top 3 Teams with a Bone Breaking Calendar this Season
The 2013 NFL Season is just hours away from its long expected start, and this time I want to cover the three teams with what many experts consider the toughest schedules in the league, take a look to their actual odds to win the coming Super Bowl XLVII and analyze their overall value for this coming NFL betting season. Keep in mind that the strength of each team's schedule is based on each team...