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P=Preview T=Team Tweets *Click any line to see the Line Movement from the opening line until now

8:06 PM
Preview Tweets
507 BOSTON CELTICSBOSTON CELTICS-1 -11062.5-11052.4o211.5 -11057.9
508 DALLAS MAVERICKSDALLAS MAVERICKS+1 -11037.5-11047.6u211.5 -11042.1
Jun 17th
8:06 PM
510 BOSTON CELTICSBOSTON CELTICS+1 -110-110u211.5 -110
Jun 20th
8:06 PM
511 BOSTON CELTICSBOSTON CELTICS-1 -110-110o211.5 -110
Jun 23rd
8:06 PM
514 BOSTON CELTICSBOSTON CELTICS+1 -110-110u211.5 -110

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