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Odds for Jaylen Brown's next team if he's traded by the Boston Celtics | News Article by inspin.com


After a disappointing ending to a nearly historical comeback effort, the Boston Celtics and Jaylen Brown are due for some reflection and meditation upon their future together.

With Brown eligible for a supermax extension after getting the nod for Second Team All-NBA this past season, the Cs now have the ability to sign Brown to a new five-year, $295 million deal this summer.

Should they choose not to, there is sure to be some kind of disdain within their team-player relationship, especially since it’s been rumored that Brown was a bit unhappy in Boston, to begin with.


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It’s unsurprising then to see Brown’s name top the charts on most NBA fans’ favorite trade machines.

It appears as though the Celtics have found the ceiling on their Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown pairing, and, especially if Boston doesn’t want to pay him nearly $300 million, it might be in both parties best interests to find a suitable deal.

There is no shortage of teams in the league that would be interested in trading for Brown and adding an elite two-way presence on their wings.

With the new CBA and its second tax apron kicking in next season, teams might be even more motivated to shuffle around their books with the salary cap in mind.

BetOnline has already released their odds for Jaylen Brown’s next team, not including the Boston Celtics. The Atlanta Hawks lead the way with 2/1 odds, as Brown has already expressed his love for the city and the Hawks have both the contracts and future assets needed to make a potential deal a reality.

A trade involving a package centered around Dejounte Murray and John Collins going to Boston in exchange for Brown would make basketball sense for both teams.



After the Hawks, the Milwaukee Bucks were given 3/1 odds, the Golden State Warriors 4/1, and the Portland Trail Blazers rounded out the top four at 5/1.

The Bucks are a bit peculiar considering their roster is mostly comprised of aging veterans, and they only have one movable first-round pick.

The Warriors have a desirable piece in Andrew Wiggins along with two recent lottery picks that might have a bit of value in Jonathan Kuminga and Moses Moody.

The Blazers should have better odds considering they just landed the third-overall pick in the upcoming draft and have the option to trade either Anfernee Simons or Shaedon Sharpe to build around Damian Lillard. Picking Portland might hold the best value in this bet.



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| Title: Odds for Jaylen Brown’s next team if he’s traded by the Boston Celtics
| Author: Andy Quach
| Date: June 6th, 2023

June 1, 2023

Odds for Jaylen Brown’s next team if traded by the Boston Celtics

  After a disappointing ending to a nearly historical comeback effort, the Boston Celtics and Jaylen Brown are due for some reflection and meditation upon their […]