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The NL Wildcard Series is set and we have a few teams that have the potential to go all the way to the World Series if they can get through this round.

We have a 101 Win team in the New York Mets taking on the powerful San Diego Padres in a 3-game set all at Citi Field in NYC. The seasoned St. Louis Cardinals are taking on the Second-Half hot Philadelphia Phillies in St. Louis.


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Let’s start with the Mets vs the San Diego Padres

This series features some absolute superstars. The Mets have two of the best arms in the game with Jacob DeGrom and Max Scherzer, alongside Chris Bassitt, they have a stellar 3 man rotation.

The Padres bring their big bats with Manny Machado and Juan Soto and star #1 arm Yu Darvish. The Mets are starting with Max Scherzer, what a luxury to have him as a number 2, instead of Jacob DeGrom in hopes that they can get the first two games so DeGrom can start 1 5 of the ALDS. If they don’t take games 1 2, you have the most talented arm in the game with the ball to send your team to the next round.

Scherzer vs Darvish in game 1 is going to be an amazing pitching match-up of two studs who have shown that they can get it done on the big stage. The Mets are going to need to get some offense, which has come and gone this year to be able to get their dream scenario of DeGrom sitting this series out. I think that the Mets are set to win this series 2-0.

The Cardinals are hosting the Phillies starting Friday. The Phillies have their desired arms ready to go with Zack Wheeler in game 1 and Aaron Nola in game 2. The Cards haven’t released their rotation yet but looks like Adam Wainwright will get the ball.

Zack Wheeler has spun 2 wins against the Cardinals this year, both against Wainwright, so I am leaning Phillies in game 1. However, with the magic of Pujols, Molina, and Wainwright along with the powerful Paul Goldschmidt and Nolan Arrenado, the Cardinals have the horses to mash their way to the next round.


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| Title: NL WILDCARD Playoff Preview
| Author: Matt Catton
| Date: Oct 07, 2022

October 7, 2022

NL WILDCARD Playoff Preview

  The NL Wildcard Series is set and we have a few teams that have the potential to go all the way to the World Series […]