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Wait, Brady is coming back? Feel a bit duped? Did the reality of carpooling the neighborhood kids to soccer become too much to fathom for the seemingly timeless TB12er? Does it help Tom Terrific never actually uttered the key word "retirement" in his Feb 1st announcement and related interviews?



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Semantics and questions aside, here’s the bottom line: Tom Freakin’ Brady — the undisputed GOAT QB of the National Football League — is itching to get back in pads and hang with the boys!

And yes, it’s all going down once again in the Bay:


Welcome Back!
Unless you have to play against him (or you’re Bill Belichick), you were probably stoked when the word came down that the soon-to-be 45-year-old Tom Brady was returning for at least one more season. This campaign will be TB’s 22nd full stanza (23rd overall), and gets him closer to George Blanda’s record (48) for oldest NFL player ever.

Normally, when an athlete in his mid-40s talks "un-retiring", a bit of fan-cringe can accompany his decision. But when that guy is Tom Brady — coming off a 67.5% completions for 5,300 yds, 43 TDs and only 12 picks season… snap examine the prospects of another ring for his already obscene GOAT collection.
Insider Trading

Speaking of odds and Tampa Bays’ chances of winning another Super Bowl, sportsbooks offering hefty payouts on the Bucs (upwards of 50-1 in some shops) started seeing an unexpected surge in bets on TBay to win the SB (and also the NFC @30-1).

Some wagers started showing up 3 days before the official announcement came on a Sunday in which NCAA Bracket madness was in full flight. Oddsmakers imposed limits and hastily adjusted the numbers, with Tampa now down around 8-1 to win it all. This incident may change how risk management teams deal with situations such as this obvious attempt to cash-in on an insider leak.

State of Flux
Truth be told, the Bucs are in limbo with a host of major roster decisions to sort out. Chris Godwin was franchised so that’s a big plus. Center Ryan Jensen was locked up as well. That leaves names such as J. Pierre-Paul, N. Suh, W. Gholston, A. Cappa, C. Davis, Gronk and L. Fournette in the loop, but unsigned.

Bucs GM Jason Licht photo:

A Cap Space litmus test may be on the horizon, but Bucs general manager Jason Licht — who told ESPN at the NFL combine that they’d “leave a light on” for Brady, said they’ll “move forward with their offseason plans to reload this roster for another championship run” — seems committed to restocking the pond now that TB12 is formally back behind the wheel.


Tom Brady photo: CBS Sports

To still have a championship drive after winning 7 of ten Super Bowls and 290 NFL games (including playoffs) — at what will be 45 years old by the time the preseason rolls around, is just plain sick. To put that in perspective, you’d have to average 15 total wins a year for twenty straight seasons to beat Brady’s mark!

How can you not root your ass off for a guy defying time who has an "LFG" (Let’s Fucking Go) mindset? The NFC just got considerably more interesting.


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| Title: 40 Days Later, Tom Brady Rises Again
| Author: Steven Miller
| Date: March 22, 2022


March 22, 2022

40 Days Later, Tom Brady Rises Again

  Wait, Brady is coming back? Feel a bit duped? Did the reality of carpooling the neighborhood kids to soccer become too much to fathom for […]