NCAAB Betting Consensus 4th Seton Hall Pirates vs 7th Saint Joseph’s Hawks

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NCAAB Betting Consensus 4th Seton Hall Pirates vs 7th Saint Joseph's Hawks | Top Stories by



The Saint Joseph’s Hawks vs. Seton Hall Pirates game is setting the stage for an expected high-scoring affair, with the total points over/under line set at 148.5 and odds of -110. An overwhelming 90% of the betting public is hammering the over, indicating a strong belief in both teams’ offensive capabilities to exceed the total.

This massive tilt towards the over suggests bettors are anticipating a particularly explosive game, making it a hot pick for those looking to capitalize on a scoring bonanza. Given such a significant consensus, this matchup is highlighted as a prime opportunity for those aiming to ride the wave of public sentiment towards a high-scoring outcome.


Betting Consensus
PiratesSaint Joseph’s Hawks vs Seton Hall Pirates totals o148.5 -110 being hammered by 90% by the betting public.Hawks



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