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The NFL Season has been a wild roller coaster, with just about every team looking very beatable at various points of the season. The MVP Race is no different.

We have gone through waves of who has a real chance to win the award, but after this last week of games, the race is led by a very surprising young QB.

This would be the perfect year for the award to not go to a QB, but we all know that may never happen again.


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Click for live odds

1-Brock Purdy, Quarterback, San Francisco 49ers

If you had told Brock Purdy or any college football fan that at any point in Brock Purdy’s NFL career, he would not only be a solidified starting quarterback but the leading man in the MVP race no one would have believed you. That is where we are today.

The trigger man on the best team in the NFL has been very good this season when they have had their full complement of talent. He has back-to-back 4 touchdown games and seems to be pulling away from the pack.

2-Lamar Jackson, Quarterback, Baltimore Ravens

This is where I have been focusing my money on MVP futures for the last month. The Ravens are the class of the AFC, but for some reason, he has been behind others all season in the MVP race.

He isn’t the same flash that he was when he won this award before, but that isn’t because he can’t, it’s because he is doing it with his arm. They are a dominant running team and play solid defense.

He isn’t turning it over. I think a big game from him will get it done.

3-Dak Prescott, Quarterback, Dallas Cowboys

Boy oh boy, until this week he had a great chance at this, but I think he lost this award this weekend. Dak has played great most of the year but has been bad in a couple of big games.

He will have a primetime slot to get back in the race, but will need the two in front of him to falter.

Outside of these three, Tyreek Hill should be in this race, but he isn’t a quarterback so that disqualifies him among the writers who vote for this.

Christian McCaffrey should also be in consideration, as he is the best player on the best team.



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| Title: NFL MVP Ladder
| Author: Matt Catton
| Date: December 22, 2023

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NFL MVP Ladder

  The NFL Season has been a wild roller coaster, with just about every team looking very beatable at various points of the season. The MVP […]
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