NBA Betting Trends Denver Nuggets vs. Miami Heat Game 4

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NBA Betting Trends Denver Nuggets vs. Miami Heat Game 4 | Top Stories by



In their last 10 games against the Denver Nuggets, the Miami Heat have struggled to cover the spread, going 2-8 with a disappointing 20% success rate. This has resulted in a total loss of 6.18 units for bettors supporting the Heat in spread bets.

On the other hand, the Nuggets have been strong in moneyline bets, boasting a 7-3 record and an impressive 70% win rate. This has yielded a total gain of 3.36 units for those who backed the Nuggets in moneyline bets.

Considering these trends, bettors may lean towards the Nuggets in this matchup.


Betting Trends
Heat are 2-8 (20%) in spread bets in their Last 10 Games vs DEN for -6.18 total units lostHeatNuggetsNuggets are 7-3 (70%) in moneyline bets in their Last 10 Games for 3.36 total units won



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