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NHL bettors are cashing in when betting these road warriors | News Article by Inspin.com

When it comes to sports primarily wagered on via the moneyline odds, sniffing out value is so important. Playing too many costly favorites can leave you in the red, even if you have a winning record. That means you need to be mindful with your moneylines, and mix in minus and plus-money wagers.

If you’ve been making some cold hard cash on the NHL ice this season, chances are you’ve got action down on these red-hot road bets. And with plenty of time left on the schedule, there’s still time to jump on board. Take a look at these great bets and our live odds comparison:

Los Angeles Kings (19-15 away, +7.63 units)
Los Angeles is presenting solid value away from La-La Land most nights, thanks in large part to the competitiveness of the Pacific Division. Vegas, San Jose and Anaheim are all battling for the top spot in the division, and the Kings are giving good return when they hit the highway to face those rivals.

Los Angeles is 19-13-2-0 away from home and boasts the second-lowest goal against average as a visitor in the league at just 2.59. And the Kings offense, which isn’t that strong to begin with, is actually scoring more away from the Staples Center than in it this season. Hockey bettors may have to wait a while to get that road value with the Kings, since the team plays away from home just twice in the next 11 games.

Philadelphia Flyers (16-14 away, +6.26 units)
The Flyers have surged up the standings since the All-Star break, winning eight of their last 10 outings heading into the weekend. Five of those victories came on the road, and three of those wins cashed in as plus-money underdogs.

The Flyers are allowing only 2.77 goals to host teams on the year and are making the most of the man-advantage with the seventh-ranked power play. That special teams success jumps to 23.7 percent on the road, which is the second most efficient power-play attack on foreign ice in the entire NHL. Starting Saturday, Philly plays five of its next seven games on the road.

Calgary Flames (18-13 away, +8.22 units)
The Flames have been burning the bookies with their success on the road this season, ranked as the second-best bet away from home in the NHL. The crazy thing is Calgary has been pure poison to NHL bettors at home, posting a 13-18 record and costing backers -12.18 units – the second-worst home bet in hockey. So, what’s the big difference when it comes to the Flames’ home/away success?

Calgary sits eighth in road scoring, netting an average of 2.97 goals per road game, compared to only 2.68 goals per home stand. Defensively, Calgary is allowing visitors to score 3.3 goals per visit to the Saddledome instead of the 2.65 goals per game they’re coughing up on the road. The Flames just wrapped an extended road trip and a stretch of schedule that saw them play eight of 10 games on the road, winning five of those contests.

Boston Bruins (18-10 away, +7.39 units)
The Bruins are not only one of the best road bets in the NHL but one of the smarter wagers overall, earning Beantown backers +8.9 units on the seasons. As you can see, a good chunk of those profits have come on the road. Boston is heating up in the second half of the season and its nightly odds are getting a little pricey, especially when playing at home. So, if you have to wager on the Bruins, the road may be the best way to trim the price tag on one of the NHL’s top teams.

Boston tops the league in road GAA, allowing only 2.46 goals per outing, and owns one of the top penalty-kill units in hockey, snuffing out host team’s power plays 84.5 percent of the time. The Bruins have two road games starting this weekend before parking it in the Garden for the next six outings.

February 28, 2018

NHL bettors are cashing in when betting these road warriors

When it comes to sports primarily wagered on via the moneyline odds, sniffing out value is so important. Playing too many costly favorites can leave you […]
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